Moru Restaurant

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Located on a quiet street, you will find a quaint and probably the most instagrammable restaurant in Busan. It’s not hard to see why, with its white tile facade and scattered plant pots, Moru Restaurant (모루 식당) will make you feel instantly transported to a back street in Tokyo. This is part of their appeal; that has attracted many young Koreans to dine (and take lots of photos!) here.


Due to the restaurant’s popularity, I recommend coming an hour earlier before opening time, which is 12 o’clock. When we arrived, there were already a few eager customers  waiting!


View from outside

The restaurant is a bit cramped with seating on two floors, we tip toed our way upstairs and patiently waited for our order. Moru Restaurant specialises in Japanese curry that is appetizing to the eye as well as your taste buds.



We ordered half & half curry, a mixture of vegetable & shrimp curry served  with cooked rice positioned in the middle, giving the dish an attractive touch. The curry was rich, creamy and mild in flavour; which is a big thumbs up for those who are not fans of spicy food.


Chicken Karaage

We also ordered karaage, a Japanese style fried chicken dish, which tasted absolutely divine.


Ice cream Melon Soda

Lastly, we finished our meal off with an ice cream melon soda, which was a novelty for me, but I was slurping away joyfully.



Cute facade

I really enjoyed eating at Moru, it’s a cute, dreamy place that really focuses on making good curry. However, due to the restaurant’s popularity, you need a stroke of good luck and patience to eat here and is not a place you can easily eat as and when you want. Moru is opened daily from 12 to 8 in the evening, with break time for staff between 3 to 5. The restaurant is located near Jeonpo Station on Jeonpo cafe street, it’s a definite foodie hot spot not to be missed!

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