Cafe Matin

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Cafe / Food

Cafe hopping in Korea is a must. There are so many great coffee shops, each with their own individual style and aesthetic, it’s hard not to visit and enjoy what each establishment has to offer. Not only do these cafes’ take their style seriously ,but are also devoted in giving good coffee and a selection of brews to suit your taste. Cafe Matin does just that with its sleek industrial look and serving a fine collection of coffee drinks and desserts.



Outside Cafe Matin


I ordered the Busan latte and chocolate canele to share between with my fiance.



Chocolate canele- look at those tiny forks!



Their Busan latte was amazing *.*



Neon lights are a thing in Korea….



a touch of Scandinavia 


Cafe Matin is a stunning place to relax and enjoy great coffee. Located in Seomyeon, it attracts a hip and young clientele and their dedication to coffee is clearly visible. Definitely check it out if your in the Busan area.

Address: Cafe Matin: 2F, 49 Dongcheon-Ro, Busanjin-gu

Instagram: @matincoffeeroasters

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