Sinki 신키 산업

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Cafe / Lifestyle


Located in Yeongdo, south of Busan, Sinki Cafe is housed in a large, white, shipping container style of building. The cafe is popular for it’s rooftop space, allowing a great view of Busan’s cityscape.





Oreo milkshake

On both occasions that I’ve been to Sinki, I’ve ordered their green tea latte, but other options are available including oreo milkshake and a selection of desserts.



beautiful night view of Busan

I highly recommend going to Sinki in the evening and witness the amazing night views of Busan from their rooftop.


You can get to Sinki Cafe by taking the underground station Nampo (exit 6), Then catching Bus 9 and get off at Lotte Nakcheondae stop.

Location: Busan, Yeongdo-gu, 청학동 148-203 신기산업

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