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Kimchi & Scrambled Eggs

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I’ve recently moved to Korea and am excited as well as nervous in adjusting my new life here.  I wanted to share a delicious and quick recipe that I made recently. Kimchi is a staple product of Korea, rich in vitamins A,B and C and loaded with healthy bacteria. Perfect for a ‘once again student at 27 years old’ who will need refuelling while studying. There are many recipes online of kimchi and scrambled eggs, […]

Japanese Bento Class at Atsuko’s Kitchen

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Wouldn’t it be great to bring a colourful, nutritious lunch to work other than the same boring old farce of sandwiches? Japanese bento lunch boxes are an enticing piece of art that are not only visually appealing but healthy as well as super tasty. Bento’s are an everyday affair for the Japanese, they’re a convenient source of lunch for office workers and schoolchildren. There are also more elaborate forms of bento’s and seasonal one’s such […]

Myeongran- jeot & Seaweed Pasta

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The title of this dish is a mouthful but so delicious; that I feel a bit compelled to share this recipe that my lovely boyfriend made for me. Myeongran-jeot (명란젓) is salt fermented pollock roe and is one of many fermented food products used in Korean cuisine. Paired up with spaghetti and you’ve got a brilliant fusion dish that combines the best of both Eastern and Western cuisine in one bowl. Enjoy! Recipe for Myeongran-Jeot […]